[:fr]Mors 2 anneaux (Chantilly)[:en]Loose Ring Bits[:]
  • [:fr]Mors 2 anneaux (Chantilly)[:en]Loose Ring Bits[:]
  • [:fr]Mors 2 anneaux (Chantilly)[:en]Loose Ring Bits[:]

Loose Ring Bits

bit: Small Rings

Loose ring bits(Chantilly)

We offer Loose ring bits (Chantilly) in stainless steel. These bits are in the classic size of 12.5 cm for thoroughbreds.
This Bits are very used for horse racing by the the horse trainer.

You have different types of 2-ring bits:

  • With large rings

  • Medium Rings

If we do not have the product in stock we will contact you, thank you.

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